During the first round of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, Thunder guard Russell Westbrook suffered a knee injury against the Rockets that knocked him out of Oklahoma City's lineup for the rest of the postseason and essentially took the Thunder out of the playoff picture. Westbrook suffered that knee injury because Houston guard Patrick Beverley got a little bit out of control on a play and ended up running into him after he called a timeout. So at the moment, Westbrook and Beverley don't seem to like like one another very much. And they proved it last night by getting tied up during the Thunder's win against the Rockets and nearly scrapping on the court.

The altercation between Westbrook and Beverley took place in the first quarter of the Rockets/Thunder game last night after Westbrook called a timeout and Beverley bumped into him as he made his way to Oklahoma City's bench. Westbrook didn't take too kindly to Beverley bumping him and said something to him about it. And from there, all hell broke loose with players from both teams jawing at each other and puffing up their chests. It almost escalated into something much bigger.

Check out the action in the clip above. It's clear that the Thunder and Rockets have a bit of a rivalry brewing, and we can't wait to see what happens if and when these two teams meet up in the playoffs.

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[via The Big Lead]