Rolls-Royce admitted its customers don't really care about fuel efficiency, but that isn't stopping the company from working on a plug-in hybrid. The manufacturer said you can expect to see a launch within two or three years

Most of the components will be sourced from BMW because doing it themselves wouldn't make sense for for a car not sold on a wide scale like, say, a Prius. "We are now a completely self-sustaining business, but technology like [a plug-in hybrid drivetrain] is so expensive to develop that without BMW, Rolls-Royce would probably not have survived," said CEO Torsten Müller-Otvos. 

Now we just wonder who will buy these hybrid Rolls-Royces. If the company's existing clientele doesn't give a shit about fuel economy, maybe the new car will bring in customers who are super rich and environmentally conscious . 

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[via Left Lane News