Sometimes perfection is only an update. Rolls-Royce surely thinks so, which is why the company debuted the cosmetically up-to-snuff Ghost Series II.

The Series II retains all the underpinnings of the current Ghost model, but adds garnishes of new tech inside and outside. The redesigned front LED headlights are eye catching to say the least, and exude a spectacled impression. Rolls-Royce soothed the lines on the hood, and fiddled with the aerodynamics of the front bumper to channel more air to the brakes. You certainly won’t be mistaken for accepting food stamps in this thing.

Inside, the materials remain of the highest quality and encircle loads of gadgets. The Series II includes onboard Wi-Fi (presumably so you’d never have to leave), a Satellite Aided Transmission system, bespoke audio upgrades, and interface updates to keep things looking fresh. Where do we sign up for one?

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[via Rolls-Royce]

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