Maybe you grew up with braces. Maybe you had asthma. Maybe you pitched tents during speech class. The point is: we finally have a list we can identify with. Whether on or off the court watching these guys was like looking in a mirror (provided it was a funhouse mirror that added a foot). Obviously you're a stud if you get to the NBA. But these guys lack(ed) the grace of MJ and the fluidity of Magic. This Pau Gasol we can't relate to. This Pau Gasol, we can. That's pretty much the idea.

A lot of us can't attest to what it's like being 6'10"+ (or 5'10"+ for that matter) so when we watch a big man with grace we take it for granted. When you see a human beanstalk's gangly limbs flail around you wonder "This guy's a professional athlete?" If you're seven feet tall, with functional knees, and can tie your shoes, you got a shot. When you see Shawn Marion shoot from his chest you say "My shot's prettier." When you see Chris Bosh bathe in a celebratory money shot you sign onto Twitter to type: #smh. Here are The Most Awkward Athletes in NBA History.