Over the course of the last few months, a man named David Spivey from Whitehouse, Texas realized that, when he went to his gym for a personal training session, his pickup truck got robbed. Just about every time he went to work out, one or two small items would end up missing from his backseat. And there was never any sign of forced entry, so he was miffed as to who was robbing him. So recently, he installed a hidden camera in his vehicle to try and catch the thief—and he was shocked when he finally discovered who it was that was robbing him.

As it turns out, Spivey's own personal trainer—a police officer named Reginald Wilson—was the culprit behind the crime. While Spivey did exercises assigned to him by Wilson, the trainer would sneak into Spivey's locker, take his keys, and then go out to his car and steal things. It went on for quite some time, too, because Spivey never suspected that his own trainer would rob him.

"Who would have thought that somebody would go into my locker, get a key out, and go in my truck?" he told KLTV earlier this week. "Especially my trainer."

After catching Wilson on hidden camera, Spivey turned a tape over to police that showed Wilson stealing from him. Police arrested him and charged him with two counts of burglary of a vehicle. He was also suspended without pay from his job.

What a weird situation. If you can't trust your personal trainer who also happens to be a cop, who can you trust?

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[via New York Daily News]