Earlier this week, LeBron James took to Instagram to show off a crazy tattoo that a young fan got of him across his back recently. We later caught up with that fan to speak with him about his tatt. But as it turns out, this is starting to become a bit of a trend right now with lots of people out there getting tattoos of LBJ on their bodies.

To prove it, King James took to Instagram again last night to show off yet another fan's tattoo. But in addition to LeBron, this fan also has a tattoo of Michael Jordan worked into the mix:

How do you feel about these tatts? We were coming around to the idea of them. But it's going to be a little bit weird if we start to see every single LeBron fan out there with their favorite player tatted on their body. There are other ways to show love to LBJ, you guys.

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[via Instagram]