At this point in his career, it feels as though LeBron James has done just about everything there is to do as an NBA player. He's won multiple titles. He's scored lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of points. And, well, let's just say that we could literally sit here all day and tell you about all of his individual accomplishments. The guy is probably going to go down as the greatest basketball player to ever walk the planet—and he's got the accolades to prove it.

But last night, LeBron managed to do something that he hadn't done in his storied NBA career. He shot 22-for-32 from the field against the Charlotte Bobcats, knocked down eight three-pointers, and scored a career-high 61 points to lead the Miami Heat to their eighth career win. It was one of the best games of his career. And he made scoring 61 look easy.

That's not all he did, though. After scoring 61 points, LeBron also started once of the most intense sports-related arguments that we've ever seen on Twitter with both his haters and his stans chiming in and arguing against and for the greatness of LeBron James. His haters attacked his 61-point effort by pointing out that, even though he had scored 61, he hadn't come anywhere close to scoring 81 like Kobe Bryant did back in 2006 against the Raptors:

To that, his stans responded:

His haters then went in on the fact that LeBron's 61-point game was one point shy of the 62-point game that Carmelo Anthony had against the Bobcats earlier this season:

And to that, his stans responded:

Then, all rhyme and reason went out the window, and some people started taking shots at LeBron for no reason:

And his stans just sat back and laughed:

Crazy, right? We can't say that we're surprised, though. This is LeBron James, after all. And no one polarizes people quite like he does. So even when he scores 61 points, the haters and stans can't seem to agree on his greatness.

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