LeBron James is a back-to-back NBA champion and league MVP. In the last few seasons he’s cast off any doubt that lingered about his inability to win the big game, and make his teammates better around him. This season, while trying to defend both his NBA title and the tag of league’s best, James is averaging 26.9 PPG and 6.5 APG, and he has the Heat just two games back of the Pacers in the East. However, there are many who have anointed this season as the Year of the Durantula. Kevin Durant is on pace to win the scoring title averaging 31.9 PPG this year, and despite the extended absence of Russell Westbrook, he has the Thunder just one game back of the Spurs for top spot in the West. We took a look inside KD and LeBron’s seasons from a number of standpoints both on and off the court, using data both quantifiable and not, to come up with a definitive choice for the 2013-14 NBA MVP. Take a look at the reasoning, form your own opinion, and constantly ask yourself, KD vs. LeBron: Who’s the League’s MVP?