You missed out if you didn't catch UFC 171 last night. Johny Hendricks (16-2) was gipped of the welterweight title when he controversially lost to Georges St. Pierre back in November. It was all in the past when Hendricks snatched the vacant belt last night—taking what was rightfully his.

Hendricks went through hell and back...and then back a few more times against a game Robbie Lawler (22-10-1). The fists were fast, brutal, and made for the fight of the year. Hendricks was handling his opponent in the first round but was taking a lot of punishment in the next two. The now-champion came back and clinched his prize thanks to a takedown in the final round. Hendricks ended up winning by unanimous decision.

The two combined for most significant strikes ever in a UFC title match with Hendricks landing the most with 158. So with this accomplishment out of the way, maybe Hendricks might move on to conquer the NFL soon. Who knows? 

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