After his last fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167, Georges St-Pierre didn't sound like he wanted to take part in MMA matches anymore. Although he beat Hendricks at UFC 167 thanks to a controversial split decision and retained his welterweight title belt, GSP described his fight against Hendricks as "a freaking war" and said that he was going to strongly consider retirement.

As it turns out, St-Pierre is not going to retire from the UFC just yet, but he did just announce that he's going to vacate his welterweight belt, effective immediately, and take some time off.

"I've been fighting for a long time," he said earlier today. "I have 22 fights in the UFC, and 15 were for a world title. I've been fighting a long time at a high level, a lot of pressure and criticizing. I've decided I needed to take some time off."

How long will his "time off" last? Maybe a few months, maybe forever. He hasn't decided. And although you might think that Dana White would be pissed about GSP's decision to leave the UFC right now (remember this?), he's already come out and said that he understands why he needs a break.

"I agree with Georges 100 percent," White said. "I think it's the right move."

Us, too. GSP didn't seem right during and after his last fight and if he continued to fight simply because he felt like he had to do it, he would have been doing a huge disservice to the sport of MMA. So we hope to see him back soon, but only if his heart is in it. In the meantime, the UFC has already announced that Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will square off and fight for the vacant welterweight title at UFC 171.

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[via MMA Junkie]