At this point in his career, it's not exactly news when Jermaine O'Neal misses a game. He's been in the NBA for almost 20 years now, and he's put a lot of miles on his body. So every now and then, he needs to give it a break. But that's not why he was missing from the Warriors lineup when Golden State traveled to Toronto yesterday to take on the Raptors.

Rather, O'Neal was reportedly forced to miss the Warriors game on Sunday because—get this—he misplaced his passport prior to the team's trip to Toronto and was unable to cross the border without it. Before the game, Warriors coach Mark Jackson said he wasn't sure if O'Neal's passport had been lost or stolen. But he did say that that was why O'Neal had to miss the game, which the Warriors lost.

Weird, right? For what it's worth, O'Neal did take to Twitter last night to explain that he did not "leave or lose" his passport, which leads us to believe that someone else must have either taken it or misplaced it:

Regardless of what happened, O'Neal missed the game. He'll be back with the Warriors tomorrow when they take on the Pacers.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]