Drifting is another form of art. It just so happens that this form of art is the act of purposely throwing out the rear of the car while maintaining control of the direction the vehicle is going in. In order to do this, you need to have great understanding of how the car you're driving works. You need to be able to handle its weight, know how its body is going to shift when you turn a certain way or give it more power, and know it's limits. That last one is the most important. You can't just go punching it to 100 mph, turn a little bit and expect the car to cooperate to your exact hopes. Real life doesn't work like those little daydreams you have. Don't believe us? Just take a look at these seriously nasty drifting fails below: 

We hope that fall wasn't as bad as it looks. 


Just think if that lake were a garage! That'd be freakin' awesome. 

"Hands oh the wheeeellll, uh, uh, fuck that."

This is the best thing that's ever happened at a minor league baseball game. 

God dammit, man, they just redid the landscaping!

No joke, it's good that the guard was there and this person didn't wrap himself around that pole ... 

Somebody in the garage is gonna get it. 

DUDE BRO, HIGH FIV... oh, fuck. 

That's probably not going to score well with the judges you just ran into. Neither is that photo. 

Looks like somebody cut those fake brake lines again.