This has become the winter of sports car abuse. Last month a sinkhole swallowed seven priceless Corvettes, and now a lawsuit has threatened to crush 93 original Dodge Vipers. You can’t make this stuff up. 

In the spirit of learning, Chrysler donated 93 Vipers to community colleges around the country. Two of those vehicles ended up in accidents, and the pending lawsuits threaten to cost Chrysler millions of dollars in liability costs. Instead of selling-off the rare educational fleet, Chrysler has demanded the remaining vehicles be crushed, including VIN #4, one of the original pre-production models.

A few have been flattened already, but that hasn’t stopped fans from starting petitions to save the remaining fleet before the end of Chrysler’s two-week deadline. We hope some type of accord can be met, because this is just too hard to watch. GM is already restoring the Corvettes, do you think they’d like a crack at these Vipers too?

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[via MotorAuthority]