The next generation Camaro is going to break free of its current platform, largely because of its porky weight, and move to the more nimble Cadillac ATS's underpinnings. This is wonderful news, as the weight is one of the only two major complaints we have about the new Camaro, the other being the windows that are so constrictive it feels like you're on the wrong side of history in a bunker at D-Day.

Along with that great piece of news comes this somewhat surprising one: the new Camaro will look pretty much just like the current one. Yes, there will be some tweaks, and we wouldn't be surprised to find out that the proportions were slightly different because of the platform change, but the general mood will remain. This isn't really a bad thing either, since the Camaro hasa good thing going on, and a lot of people absolutely love the way the current car looks.

Expect to see the new car in about a year.

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[via Edmunds