You would think that it would be pretty easy to track down a one-legged man driving an ice cream truck, especially when that man is 6-foot-8. However, police in Southborough, Mass. are having trouble finding a man who meets that description right now and are calling on the public to help.

The man is wanted in Southborough for allegedly slashing a bunch of tires at a restaurant called Owen O'Leary's Restaurant and Pub. According to police, the restaurant refused to serve the large man alcohol during a Super Bowl party on Sunday night. So the man responded by going outside, slashing the tires, and then hopping into an "ice cream style truck" to make a getaway. But police have been unable to find the man or his vehicle since the incident took place, which is pretty hard to believe given the fact that both the man and the truck seem like they would be easy to spot.

In total, the man slashed the tires on at least seven different vehicles on Sunday night. And he's going to have to pay the price for doing it. But first, the police need to find him—and it's proving to be much more difficult than they ever imagined it would be.

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[via ABC News]