It may be hard to believe, but Michael Jordan is turning 51-years-old today. It seems like just last week he was hitting seven threes in the first half against Portland, and just yesterday when he was burying “The Shot” over Bryon Russell. He provided fans with no shortage of thrilling moments as a player, and now with his transition to ownership he has given us a whole different kind of lens through which to scrutinize his every move.

But it hasn't always been smooth sailing for His Airness. Despite many proclamantions otherwise, Jordan is also only human and prone to some of the same shortcomings as the rest of us. Some of his foibles have been just plain funny, such as his turn as a talk show host on a local Chicago TV station. Others are a bit more malevolent, like his petty Hall of Fame induction speech in 2009.

Whether good or bad, though, Michael Jordan has always been interesting. In the grand tradition of the birthday roast, though, we like to celebrate the moments where even the Greatest of All-Time looked a little (or a lot) foolish. Rather than bring you an all-MJ lovefest, we present the 23 Biggest Fails of Michael Jordan's Career.

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