Since the moment Marcus Smart shoved the fan in the crowd, practically everyone has referenced the Malice at the Palace incident ten years ago. And, you can't talk about that brawl without bringing up Metta World Peace. So, prior to today's Thunder/Knicks game, World Peace was sought out by for his take on the whole matter. Here's what he had to say:

Q: Just because they give their money, does that give a fan the right to scream something?

If a fan screams something at me, I don’t know what that person has been through, you know. He could have or she could have grown up rough or maybe in a single family household. I don’t know what would make somebody scream negative things at somebody, maybe they’re just having fun. In a pro game, I’ve learned to accept it because they pay to watch us play and hey, I appreciate it. Then I go home and I finish watching Breaking Bad. It’s that simple for me. I’m actually on House of Cards now. I just finished Breaking Bad. I wish there was a Season 6 actually, because Breaking Bad was amazing. Have you seen it?

Q: If you could talk to Marcus, what advice would you give?

I don’t know how old he is, but I know at 19 years old when I came out of St. Johns, I was fresh out the hood, fresh out of Queensbridge. So my mentality was still struggle, defensive and things like that. So I wasn’t really conscious. But I’m 34 years old now. He’s a young kid. I wish I would have listened when I was a kid, to my elders or to people who had my best interest at heart. And then I wish I would have been more conscious at my age. Those are two things that if you were to reach out to a kid like Marcus, a talented kid, a future leader in the community, you would tell him those things. 

From those references to Breaking Bad and House of Cards to how he would've handled things in comparison to when he was a young kid coming up at St. John's, MWP is dropping pearls of wisdom right here. Pay attention! 

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[via Bleacher Report]