Guess what? The Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl last night—and Marshawn Lynch still wasn't in the mood to talk to the media! Lynch spent the entire 2013-14 NFL season ducking and dodging reporters and refusing to do postgame interviews. And while he did answer a few questions following the Seahawks' Super Bowl XLVIII win over the Denver Broncos last night, he was very brief when it came time to field questions from the media.

He did give reporters gathered in the Seahawks locker room after the game at least one magical moment, though. After changing into a red "BEAST MODE" sweatsuit, Lynch went over to the sound system in the locker room, turned on a song called "Ready 2 Ride" by Bay area artist Philthy Rich, and proceeded to let loose by dancing all over the locker room as reporters used their phones and tablets to record him. Even though he didn't say a word—and even though his face was half-covered—he looked like the happiest guy in the world.

Peep a video of Lynch dancing in the clip above. This is how you celebrate winning a Super Bowl.


We reached out to Philthy Rich this morning to get his reaction to Lynch dancing to his music. We appreciated the song choice, but it seemed a bit random. As it turns out, though, Lynch and Philthy Rich are actually cousins. Lynch even made an appearance at Philthy Rich's birthday party on January 23:

Okay, now back to dancing...

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[via The Post Game]