On Monday afternoon, a man named Peter Fitch decided to pay his sister a visit at the Texas Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. So he grabbed his sheepdog Bixby, hopped into his 1976 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, made his way down to the hospital, and went inside, leaving Bixby behind. But when he exited the hospital a little while later, both his car and his dog were gone.

Fearing that he had been the victim of a car theft, Fitch called the police immediately. They came to the hospital and had Fitch fill out a police report, and then Fitch went about trying to look for his dog himself. His friends helped to start a Facebook page for Bixby. His story ran on NBC 5 in Dallas. And he did everything he could to try to find his missing dog. You can see how worried he was in this clip:

As it turns out, though, Fitch's car and dog were not stolen. On Tuesday, someone reached out to one of his friends after seeing Fitch's story on the news and told them that they had seen Fitch's car in a parking garage at Texas Presbyterian earlier that day. And sure enough, when Fitch paid a visit to the parking garage, he found his car and his dog. He had simply gone into the wrong garage after seeing his sister in the hospital and mistakenly thought that he had been the victim of a crime.

Oops! Fortunately, everything worked out for the best. Bixby is fine, and so is Fitch's classic car. But we're betting that Fitch will be a lot more mindful about where he parks his car in the future.

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[via NBC Dallas-Fort Worth]