If you ever see someone trying to steal your car, do not do what a 29-year-old man from Wichita, Kan. tried to do earlier this week.

The man went outside on Thursday morning, started his 2002 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and then returned to his house in order to let his car warm up. However, a few minutes later, he looked outside and saw another man jump into his car and attempt to drive off with his ride. Rather than call the police, though, the man decided to take matters into his own hands by running outside, yelling at the car thief, and then jumping on the hood of his car. It was a dangerous move, to say the least.

Things could have ended really badly, too, because the car thief proceeded to pull off down the street. But at the end of the road, the thief stopped the car and a man who was driving another car got out, pulled a gun, and fired it into the air. That forced the man to jump off the hood of his car and run for cover. But it also likely saved his life as he could have been in big trouble if the car thief had kept driving with him hanging off the hood of the vehicle.

The police haven't been able to locate the man's car yet. But even so, it's actually a good thing that the guy with the gun showed up and shooed the man away. Because this situation could have turned tragic if he hadn't—and the man likely would have lost more than just his car.

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[via KAKE]