Date: May 2010

In May 2010, Taylor injected himself back into the news cycle by having sex with a 16-year-old prostitute. In fairness to L.T., he claims the woman did say she was 19. And if you can't believe the word of a hooker, who can you trust? But when Gloria Allred is pretending to care about your opposition in court, you know you're in for a long (and very public) trial.

Public trials in New York hardly ever turn out well for anyone involved. The victim (who got beaten up by her pimp until she agreed to meet Taylor in his hotel room) was accused of being an opportunist by crazy fans who think their favorite players are family. Meanwhile, L.T. was mocked for not lasting long, and it was revealed that he swung his used condom over his head like he was at a damn rodeo.

It all ended when Taylor registered as a sex offender, and both he and his wife did bizarre interviews with god's gift to mustaches, Geraldo Rivera. We'd like to think this was the end of the ordeal but the old "Apple doesn't fall far from the tree" idiom was dusted off three years later when his son, Lawrence Jr., was also convicted of statutory rape.

Anyway, happy birthday No. 56!