The WWE and various other pro wrestling leagues have long been our country's institutions of showboating and athletic theatrics. As many of us know by now, pro wrestling is faker than fool's gold, as its various heels and faces have been playing pre-scripted roles for decades just for the sake of gaining a wider fanbase and amping up the action. However, some have decided that this layer of fiction makes pro wrestling completely unwatchable. Why watch a sport that isn't actually a competition? 

The point is valid, but it doesn't change the fact that the WWE and others need to have pre-scripted parts, if only for the sake of their own safety. Do you really think that any of these guys would still be alive if all of the pile-drivers and powerbombs and suplexes that they pull off were actually spontaneous? There would be a neck broken everyday, and as you'll see from our list of the 25 Most Gruesome Injuries in Pro Wrestling History, there are plenty of those already. As we all know, nothing can always go according to plan. Take a look through the list, and see if you can stomach it. Any notables that we missed? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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