Some of the Corvettes that fell into sinkhole this week are truly one-of-a-kind, like the one-millionth 'Vette ever built. Recognizing that, General Motors has promised to help restore the cars. It might be a while before that happens, though. 

Most of the cars are still sitting in the 40-feet-wide, 25-30-feet-deep sinkhole. It's going to take several weeks for crews to stabilize the building and walls of the sinkhole. Only after that can the cars be taken out and restored. 

"When the cars are recovered, they will be shipped to the Mechanical Assembly facility, a small specialty shop within GM Design, where the best restoration approach will be determined," GM said in a statement. "Mechanical Assembly has been part of GM Design since the 1930s, and today maintains and restores many of the vehicles in the GM Heritage Collection and GM's historic concept cars."

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[via Left Lane News