Usually when someone gives you a gift, you say “thank you” and covet the item forever. Apparently, nobody told Dwyane Wade this.

The Collection, a Florida-based car dealership, gifted Wade a new McLaren MP4-12C for his 30th birthday, as a personal gesture for his work as their Brand Ambassador. Well, it’s been two years now, and D-Wade has decided to sell his prized McLaren, for a shocking $799,000. Mind you, a brand new 12C costs only $239,000.

Wade’s asking price may be three times the retail of a new 12C coupe, but for that price you do get an autographed seat, terrible-looking ‘Wade Limited Edition’ badges, and 4,272 original D-Wade miles on the clock. This is either the most public example of re-gifting we’ve seen, or the easiest $799,000 anyone has ever made.

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[via AutoEvolution]