For somebody who averages a substantial double-double (17 points, 10 rebounds) and shoots 53 percent from the field for his career, Carlos Boozer sure has taken a lot of shit over the years. Usually, that's had to do with his contracts (verbal agreement in Cleveland and monster payday in Chicago) or "soft" play, but occasionally it has dealt with his hair decisions, and most recently, it has to do with the minutes he's getting. This Dukey has been made into GIFs, memes, meme GIFs, GIFs of memes and everything in between. Yet, he's still one of the smiliest dudes we've ever seen. Except when he's trying to pose all chic-like in a Jeep Wrangler with a bucket hat like in the photo below. 

But despite all of the criticism, there is one thing of his that people have never ragged on: his cars. We know he has plenty of money, and his Instagram is proof that he's putting it to good use, showing photos of customized Wranglers, Ghosts, and Escalades from his favorite auto shop The Auto Firm. Seems like he's a big fan of all white or all black. Check out Carlos Boozer and his hard collection of cars below and in the following gallery. 

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Hit the jump for a gallery of more of his cars.