It's no secret that Blake Griffin knows how to dunk a basketball. In fact, one of the biggest criticisms of Griffin as a player is that he dunks the ball a little bit too much during games. It's why he's spent the better part of the last two or three years working on his jumper and trying to prove that he can do more than just dunk.

It's also why he's shied away from entering the NBA Slam Dunk Contest ever since he won it back in 2011. Griffin has gone on the record in the past and said that he's not interested in taking part in the contest anymore. But now, it sounds like he could be singing a different tune.

Griffin isn't in this year's dunk contest. But he hasn't ruled out the possibility of participating in dunk contests in the future.

"I haven't retired officially," he told ESPN earlier this week. "It isn't something I'll never, ever do again. But for right now, I try to take my rest when I can. And this year I really wanted that Saturday night rest. So not this year."

For what it's worth, Griffin is 25 now and he's finally on a team that looks like it's built to make a series of championship runs. So we can't imagine a scenario in which he would willingly take part in the dunk contest over taking an extra day of rest in the future. But who knows? At least he hasn't ruled out the dunk contest completely, right?

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[via Stein Line Live]