Nearly everyone who says something is ironic is using the term incorrectly. Irony can mean sarcasm, a result contrary to expectations, or a literary technique in which the reader knows something a character doesn't. It is not the same thing as a coincidence. So when this anchor says a car accident happening during a TV interview about a dangerous South African road is ironic, she's wrong. 

That being said, this coincidence is hilarious. As a government official talks about the road problem while standing in front of the offending road, a car speeds by flat towing another car. It then loses control and drags the other car with it off the road. The official's expression is all-time. After watching it happen he says, "This guy... what is he doing?" 

If this TV segment doesn't motivate the government to get the road fixed, change is never going to happen. 

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[via Jalopnik