The official release of Need for Speed the movie is a little more than three weeks away, and the hype is really starting to ramp up. After a few trailers, some teased photos, and a couple hints about the cars, a couple of the actors decided to get a little more interactive with its audience, coinciding with the sneak preview of the film. Those actors were none other than Kid Cudi and Aaron Paul. Both of them decided to do AMAs last night on Reddit and Twitter, answering a large range of questions about their personal lives, the movies, and everything in between. Here is what we learned: 


1. Kid Cudi's song "Hero" with Skylar Grey will play at the end of the film. It's co-produced by Cudder and Dot da Genius. 

2. Of all the insane supercars in the movie, Aaron Paul's said his favorite ride is a 1968 Ford Gran Torino. Problem: The Gran Torino wasn't built until 1972. The car he's actually driving seems to be a 1969 Ford Torino

3. Every stunt in the film is real. 

4. Aaron Paul's favorite stunt was "jumping over four lanes of traffic in a crazy mustang."

5. And his stunt double was Tanner Foust. 

6. According to Cudi, Paul smells like rich mohogany

7. Cudi was nervous to meet Paul and Dominic Cooper. 

8. But he wasn't nervous enough to do his own stunts. Well, maybe a little

9. Paul started filming NFS the day after he finished up Breaking Bad.  

10. Paul likes chicken nuggets. Yes, somebody seriously asked him that. Also, Cudi likes guacamole

11. Cudi wants to eventually make a movie to go along with one of his albums. 


The movie hits theaters March 14. 

[via Need for Speed and Reddit]

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