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Even though the playoffs are still in session, it's been a busy off-season for the NFL. In the week following the last slate of regular season games, a staggering seven coaches were fired from their head coaching positions in the league, including former Cleveland Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski—a shocking move considering that he had only been with the team for a year. However, this type of trigger finger has been common-place in the NFL for awhile now. Now, more than ever, teams are demanding results, and if coaches are unable to deliver in at least three years (or less) then they can kiss their job goodbye. 

However, we can't discount management's role in this process. Some of the hires that have been made over the past decade have been head-scratching, to say the least. Like, what were the Oakland Raiders thinking when they hired Lane Kiffin at just 31 years of age? Predictably enough, the move was a flop. But Kiffin isn't the only one. No, since 2003, there have been plenty of coaches to join him in the hunt for a new job. After all, what's Rod Marinelli doing these days? Or what will Greg Schiano be doing next year? Bad coaches like these are a dime a dozen, but these guys in particular are the Worst NFL Coaches of the Past Decade

(Note: coaches who only lasted a year with a single franchise were excluded from the list. There were just too many coaches who sucked for longer for these guys to push them out. However, just so their ineptitude is recognized, let us not forget former Miami Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron (1-15 in his only season with the team) and definitely not the infamous Bobby Petrino.)