No one likes to sit next to "The Drunkard" on a plane. They're loud. They're annoying. And if they get the right amount of alcohol in them, they can also get violent. And you know what you don't want on a plane? A violent, drunk person.

That's exactly what a bunch of passengers and a flight crew got on a flight to Bali last August, though. A 28-year-old woman named Tara Anne MacKay ordered one too many drinks on an Air New Zealand plane. And after she did, she started acting a fool. She got so unruly that someone who was sitting near her got up and asked several flight attendants to come and calm her down. But that led to, well, complete pandemonium. Here's what happened next:

  • First, the flight attendants asked MacKay to come to the back of the plane with them. Initially, she agreed. But then, she balked at the idea and started to make her way back to her seat.
  • Next, MacKay threw her drink at a female flight attendant and tried to push her way through a group of other flight attendants to get back to her seat.
  • When that didn't work, she locked herself in the plane's bathroom and refused to come out.
  • A short time later, the flight attendants unlocked the bathroom door, pulled her out, and got her into handcuffs and a leg restraint.
  • However, even though they did that, MacKay was able to bite a female flight attendant and kick a male flight attendant in the testicles.
  • And finally, the enraged passenger was arrested when the plane landed.

As you might expect, MacKay does not remember anything that happened on the plane (WTF was she drinking?!). She also has a hard time believing that she would have bitten anyone or kicked anyone below the belt without being provoked. But despite that, a judge just sentenced her to 300 hours community service, a year's worth of probation, and drug and alcohol counseling.

Anyway he can ban her from flying for, like, forever, too? Um, please?

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[via Daily Mail]