We imagine that professional athletes—and former professional athletes—are approached all the time by people who want them to invest their money into things. And we also imagine that most of those people get turned down. But every now and then, an athlete will bite on something that sounds like a good idea. And that's exactly what Warren Moon reportedly did recently when a man named George French Jones approached him and asked him if he would be interested in buying a five-percent stake in the Miami Heat.

According to My Fox LA, Jones approached Moon's agent and asked him if Moon would be interested in the idea of investing in the Heat. Moon expressed an interest and, after speaking with the man, agreed to wire $200,000 to him in exchange for four floor seats to Heat games (the man told Moon that that money would also serve as a downpayment on a stake in the team). However, when Moon sent him the money, Jones failed to send him the tickets as promised. And a short time later, he disappeared altogether. So Moon filed a lawsuit against Jones and also contacted the FBI and the NBA to let them know about the scam.

At the moment, Jones is still MIA. But authorities believe that he may have targeted other high-profile athletes and scammed them as well. A former New England Patriots star and an eight-time NFL Pro Bowl player have already admitted to being approached by the man, but it's unclear whether or not they gave him any money. So stay tuned for new developments in this case. It sounds like quite the scam.

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[via My Fox LA]

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