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When the new Subaru WRX debuted at the LA Auto Show, the prevailing emotion was disappointment. As always, Subaru showed us a gorgeous concept, and then promptly removed everything even remotely interesting from said concept and gave us a dull-looking production car in its stead. Every auto company does it, but Subaru is by far the worst. The only Subaru that looks anything like its concept is the BRZ, and that's because it was designed by Toyota.

Now, at the Detroit show, Subaru has unveiled the WRX STI, and we must say, it's an improvement. The launch edition, shown, get a standard short throw shifter, a huge wing, WR Blue paint, and gold wheels, as it should. Unfortunately, this being a special edition means that only 1,000 cars will be available looking like this.

Technically, the STI seems impressive as well. A 305 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque 2.5L turbo boxer four is powering all the wheels (of course) and that power is harnessed by a new, stiffened chassis, a suite of performance-oriented electronic torque managers, and a widened track.

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[via Subaru