Don't look now, but the college basketball season is almost over. It feels like it literally just started. But in another month or so, the regular season will end, a bunch of conferences will hold conference tournaments, the NCAA Tournament will tip off, and then…

Okay, so maybe we're getting a little bit ahead of ourselves here. But the season is flying by right now. Before it ends, though, Nike is going to release seven brand-new Nike Hyper Elite Dominance uniforms for a handful of NCAA teams. The uniforms are lightweight, breathable, and, well, just look at them. They look fresh, and we definitely wouldn't mind getting our hands on one or two (or all!) of the jerseys pictured here. Nike created the new uniforms for the teams from Michigan State, Kentucky, Ohio State, Duke, Oregon, Syracuse, and North Carolina. They will be available for fans beginning in March.

Which of the unis pictured here do you like best?

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[via Nike Inc.]