The protests against Google keep on coming. Last month a group of protesters attacked a bus full of Google employees, and now a group—possibly the same one—has shown up to the house of Google autonomous car engineer Anthony Levandowski

The group, which calls itself "Counterforce" takes issue with Levandowski's involvement with Google's self-driving cars and street view. In a flier, which can be seen in full here, distributed outside of Levandowski's house, Counterforce says Levandowski and Google are going forward "with their plans to create technology that only reinforces the domination that exists in society. Google actively collaborates with the defense industry, an industry more and more focussed (sic) on quelling social dissent."

That bit about the defense industry pertains to Google's recent acquisition of Boston Dynamicsa military robotics contractor. The acquisition makes since on Google's part because of Boston Dynamics' own work with autonomous cars. But to Counterforce, the move is dangerous. 

The protesters also accuse Levandowski of wanting "his own cyber-capitalist utopia in the great city of Berkeley," referring to his purchase of a property he intends on turning into a 77-unit apartment building. 

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[via ARS Technica