Breaking news: Peyton Manning—yes, Peyton Manning!—got pulled over for speeding in Tennessee over the weekend. And it's weird because we're pretty sure that Peyton Manning was busy preparing for and then winning the AFC Championship Game over the weekend. So how did he manage to get caught speeding in Tennessee?!

Well, as it turns out, Peyton Manning did get busted going over the speed limit in Dickson, Tenn. It's just not the same Peyton Manning that you're used to. According to TMZ, there's an 18-year-old girl from Tennessee named—you guessed it—Peyton Manning and she was the one who got caught speeding this weekend. No word on whether or not she got a ticket. But when you're named Peyton Manning, even if you're not the real Peyton Manning, you should probably get off with just a warning, right?

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