Where were you when the great 2014 Atlanta snow traffic clusterjam hit? Even if you weren't in ATL for the insanity, surely some sort of weather has kept you on the road for longer than you wanted at some point in your life. So what were your main concerns when this happened? What were your initial thoughts? Some were probably worried about how much food and water they had left, if they were forced to survive. Some were probably worried about how much battery life they had left, after they'd been Instagramming #trafficjam selfies for the previous hour. Others were kicking themselves for not wearing that extra layer of gloves and scarf. 

For some people, though, none of these issues were of concern. There were more important things filling their brains ... like their primal instincts. And by primal instincts we mean carnal desires. Sex. Specifically, sex with people who aren't their "main chicks." Amidst the worrisome situations on I-285, these people were busy tweeting about "side chicks" or "side pieces" and how the snow storm would be a perfect opportunity for a built-in excuse. Check out the debauchery below: