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In today's news nugget of the most dull and lazy concept names ever conceived is the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept. Also in today's news nugget of the most attractive concepts at the Detroit Auto Show is the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept. 

After dropping some shady low-lit teasers, Nissan finally showed off its new car today, giving a glimpse into the styling direction the company will take in upcoming vehicles. They call it energetic and emotional, which basically just means it has a lot of flowing lines and archy creases. And it works well. The car looks great and you can see a bit of the shape from the Infiniti, Nissan's luxury big bro, Q50 in there. Some of the cars more distinct features are the "V-Motion" grille, the boomerang headlights, and the floating roof, all of which you'll be seeing in the next generation of Nissan's cars. j

Expect this exact car to take the form of the next Maxima

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[via Nissan