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Since Maybach was canned, we, along with everybody else, have been reporting that there would be a successor, but that it would bear a Mercedes badge and be called "S600 Pullman." That was the word coming out of Stuttgart, but that has ceased. Now there's rumor that the Maybach brand will return when the new S-Class-based luxury sedan debuts.

As much as this would mean to hip hop, we can't say we're behind it. The commercial failure of the Maybach brand tarnished the image, and the cars held and image that Jeremy Clarkson perfectly summed up as "third-world dictator chic."

We think this car should be called "Pullman," or better still "Grosser," (shown) after the big Benz that somehow managed to be both classy and third-world dictator chic. Everybody from Saddam Hussein and Fidel Casto to Elvis Presley and George Harrison had a Grosser. Let's face it, the image Rick Ross is cultivating can kinda be summed up as Harrison-meets-Castro, being a star musician styled after a cigar-smoking dictator, so this would be perfect.

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