Ludacris has to be hoping 2014 goes much better than 2013. First, he had to deal with a child support case in September with his baby mama Tamika Fuller, who had Luda's child while he was still with his longtime girlfriend. Then he had to deal with the case going public—an occurrence so daunting that Fuller used it to extort Ludacris for a new car and $7,500

Ludacris asked the judge in his case to file a gag order because Fuller was threatening to go public with the proceedings if her demands weren't met, according to documents obtained by TMZ. The judge didn't grant his request, so we, the public, ended up finding out anyway. No word on if Ludacris succumbed to Fuller's demands or what car she demanded in the first place. Luda's resolution for 2014 should be to not have kids with women who aren't his longtime girlfriend. 

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[via TMZ