What better way to attract people to a new season of your web series than by inviting Louis C.K. for a ride in a Fiat that looks like a cross between a go-kart, a circus tent, and one of those royal thrones that four people carried on their shoulders? The answer is there isn't a better way. That's the best way. That and by being Jerry Seinfeld and giving your web series a very appropriately plain and straight-forward name. 

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" returns for its third season and features the Fiat 600 Jolly, of which only "100-200" were built. Ghia converted the 600s in 1958 and added wicker seats and a fringe top to complete the open build. Under the hood is a 2-cylinder engine that makes 22 horsepower and gets up to 65 mph. 

Once they're done taking a quick drive, the two go out for a casual boating experience on the Hudson River and discuss that time Louis got his boat caught in the mud near Harlem while drinking some coffee. It's a fun time. 


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