We imagine that Kobe Bryant doesn't regret skipping college to go directly to the NBA back in 1996. Things have worked out pretty well for him in the league, and he's managed to make enough money to drop $750 on a haircut without blinking an eye. But we also imagine that, every now and then, he wonders what it would have been like to attend college for a year or two. So last night, he decided to go and get a small taste of what life on a college campus is like.

The Black Mamba, who is in Boston right now for the Lakers game against the Celtics tonight, stopped by Boston College on Thursday night to sit in on a marketing class. And BC students were thrilled to see him in the class.

Some tweeted about it:

Others took pictures with him after class and snapped shots of him with other students:

And when it was all said and done, Kobe took to Twitter to thank the BC students for the experience:

How cool is that? And how pissed are you right now if you decided to skip that class last night? Ha. Sucks for you!

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[via Hardwood Paroxysm]