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Kia is launching the K900, it's large, RWD, luxury car in the USA soon, and advertising is going to be very important. Convincing Americans that the company that just a few short years ago was making the miserable Sephia is now making a refined luxury sedan is a tall order, so they're bringing in the best.

Morpheus was particularly good at convincing people to shed their preconceived notions of how the world worked in The Matrix, so why not get him to do the same in the real world... if this is indeed the real world. That's right, Kia's new flagship sedan will be introduced to America during a Super Bowl commercial break by Lawrence Fishburne in full Morpheus garb offering a couple at a valet stand a red key and a blue key. "Should they choose wisely, their perception of luxury—and Kia—will never be the same again. Through many unexpected twists, Morpheus accompanies them on an unforgettable ride," according to an unnamed source quoted by Ad Week. 

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