Earlier today, the Bears announced that they have signed Jay Cutler to a new seven-year contract that will keep him with the team through 2020. And we thought that Bears fans would be all "YES! WE DIDN'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS BUT WE DID FINALLY SCORE A MAJOR WIN IN JANUARY THIS YEAR!" about it. Cutler may not be the best quarterback in the NFL—or hell, the best quarterback in the NFC North—but things could be way, way, waaaaaaay worse for the Bears right now. They could be the Vikings, right?!

But apparently, there aren't too many people out there who see things that way. There are some NFL fans who are praising the Bears for signing Cutler to a new long-term contract:

But the vast majority of NFL fans are killing both Cutler and the Bears on Twitter right now. They're writing things like this:

And this:

And this:


Where do you stand on the situation? Should the Bears have let Cutler walk and signed someone else?

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