From Aaron Rodgers becoming the highest-paid player in the league at $110 million over five years to Matt Ryan's head-scratcher of an extension to Joe Flacco turning his Super Bowl XLVII victory into big bucks (like 120 million of 'em), we saw one lucrative deal after another this offseason. While these moves are a sign of the ever-deepening pockets of owners around the NFL, it's just further proof that the folks in the front office will never learn from the mistakes of the past. For every promising player who breaks the franchise's bank and makes the team look like geniuses, there's plenty of guys, like JaMarcus Russell and Albert Haynesworth, who were never able to live up to the hype or expectations.

We take a look at the guys who disappointed beyond belief and probably leave loyal fans cringing at the mere mention of their name. Actually, let's give it a try. Hey Chargers fans...Ryan Leaf! Yup, there it is. With plenty of appearances by the Washington Redskins and Oakland Raidersblame your owners, past and present, not us!here are The 25 Worst NFL Contracts of All Time.     

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