Whether you are a baseball fan or not, you have probably seen an image of Chief Wahoo (above image) at some point. The logo of the Cleveland Indians has come under fire for years from the Native American community for caricaturizing a race of people, down to the stereotypical red skin. With the Washington Redskins continually battling accusations of racism for their team name, the Indians organization may be slowly attempting to phase out the Chief Wahoo logo. It starts today with the announcement that the bold "C," which you can see in the thumbs, will now become their primary logo. 

But the Chief Wahoo logo isn't completely out of the picture just yet. It will still appear on the sleeve of the team's alternate jersey. While this seems like a small change, it's a step in the right direction. If you still don't see the big issue with the use of the logo, check this out

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[via Paul Lukas]