Did you skip the 2014 Pro Bowl last night? Surprisingly, it actually turned out to be a pretty good game. Unlike most Pro Bowls that feature no defense, very little effort from either team, and a final score of, like 87-63, last night's Pro Bowl had some pretty entertaining moments and came right down to the wire. Jerry Rice's Team Rice won 22-21 over Deion Sanders' Team Sanders thanks to a two-point conversion run by Mike Tolbert at the end of the game.

Last night's Pro Bowl also featured a fan running onto the field to celebrate a touchdown—and going almost completely undetected by security for about a minute. This has become something of a tradition during the Pro Bowl with fans routinely jumping onto the field in the middle of the game every year. But this one was different because the fan—a young female outfitted in a bikini top—jumped onto the field after a touchdown pass from Nike Foles to Jordan Cameron and then proceeded to celebrate for quite awhile before anyone bothered to say, "Hey, we should probably get her the ^%&* off the field!"

Check out the action in the video above. Anyone else think Aloha Stadium needs to reevaluate their security efforts for next year?

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[via YouTube]