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Have you ever tried to hit a full-court shot? It's damn near impossible to throw a basketball the length of a court and sink a shot. It's why it's so crazy whenever a basketball game features one. Even though it might feel like you've seen a million and one full-court shots because of how many of them exist on YouTube, a very small percentage of people who take full-court shots actually hit them.

An even smaller percentage of people hit two of them. Yet, that's exactly what an eighth-grade basketball player from Minnesota named Easton Gamoke did recently. He hit a full-court shot at the end of a game to win it recently. And then, just for kicks, he took another full-court shot a few days later—and he sunk that shot, too!

You can watch the game shot in the clip above, and the "for fun" shot in the clip below. How incredible are both of these shots? Oh, and how incredible is the woman narrating both clips, too? "OH MY GOOOOOOSSSHHHHHHH!"

So good.

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[via Extra Mustard]