If you can't afford a Bentley Rapier, or even a Bentley Mulsanne, then you probably don't need this high-end safe crafted by Bentley and the Stockinger Bespoke Safe company. With a base price of $100,000, the custom safes are designed for small items like watches and rings, with a suede interior and individual compartments. The safe weighs over 1,000 lbs, has a "Stocktronic" locking mechanism, comes with your choice of fancy wood panels, Bentley branding, and features on features that we are too poor to understand, but it all looks really nice (Click through if you want to know all of the specs, they really are impressive).

Meanwhile in a trap near you, someone may in fact be able to afford a Mulsanne is still stuffing bills into an old sneaker box. Priorities, right?

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[via TheSupercarKids