In the '90s life was great. Baseball was steroid-aided. Football was willingly ignorant on concussions. And the NBA was pretty much pointless unless you lived in Chicago, Houston, or New York. Come to think of it that all sounds terrible but we view the decade with rose-tinted goggles because our parents comped our entire lifestyle. Now adulthood has set in and with it a forced acceptance of the misery of responsibility from the mundane (laundry) to the mundane (grocery shopping) to the mundane (pulling dead rats out of your gutter). After spending your day off in the lobby of a predatory mechanic, pop quizzes don't seem like such a big deal.

We pine for our easier days of playing youth sports both organized and pickup. Both competitive and relaxed. On TV screens as gamers. To vacant lots. To deserted playgrounds, backyards, you name it. Being the Michael Jordan of the neighborhood was preferable to the spirit-crushing reality of a work week (though so is putting your hand in a furnace). Still, getting that paper makes it barely worth it. And with your own money, pad, etc. you have the opportunity to upgrade your sporting setup.

The days of your youth are either waning, or have waned, but your love of sports has not. You've graduated from the juvenile to the sophisticated. From a Slip-N-Slide to a collector's edition poker table from an art gallery. Which do you prefer? The simplicity of youth? Or modern technology? Then vs. Now: Throwback Toys or Modern Technology?

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