Stephen Jackson has been playing in the NBA for more than a decade now. He's made millions and millions of dollars and will probably never be hard up for cash. So when the NBA gave him a Samsung Galaxy tablet for Christmas the other day—they gave all NBA players a Samsung Galaxy tablet—Jackson decided to do something nice with it.

Rather than take the tablet home and use it himself, Jackson gave the tablet to a woman who works at the Warriors' Oracle Arena. We don't know if he knew the woman from his time with the Warriors or if he simply befriended her on Christmas prior to the Clippers game against the Warriors. But either way, she was very thankful for the gift and posted a photo of it on Instagram:

It was a nice gesture on Jackson's part. But it made us think about why the NBA gives out Samsung tablets to their players in the first place. We know that the league has a deal in place with Samsung. But wouldn't it make more sense for the league to either give the tablets to people who really need them or encourage more players to take a tablet and give it away to someone like Jackson did? Even the lowest-paid players in the NBA can easily afford, like, a thousand tablets. So the NBA should encourage players to follow Jackson's lead.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]

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